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Piano Technicians Web Site Builder

Update: To date, none of our hosting clients have requested the below program. All have been content with the free site that we provide or upload their own web site designs.

This program is available but we do not provide support for its use.

The Piano Technicians Web Site Builder (PTWSB) program was created to quickly generate a respectable 21 page Web site for Piano Technicians with a minimum or work. In fact, 95% of this Web Site was created using the PTWSB program and we also use a variant of PTWSB to generate inital layouts for other web hosting clients as well.

Currently, PTWSB uses only one design template (the layout of this site) but additional templates may be added in the future. PTWSB does allow the background colors, text colors, left column menu items, and right column convenience links to be redefined by the user.

PTWSP if free and if you find the look and feel of this Web site template acceptable you can maintain your web pages with a minimum learning curve and will actually learn some basic html codes in the process.

Web site design programs such as Dreamweaver, Net Objects, Adobe, and Frontpage may be better suited for all around design if one wishes to make the $ and learning curve investment. Users who do their own design and maintenence are welcome to use our hosting services "a la carte".

If you order PTIC hosting services with the default PTWSB created web site, a copy of PTWSB and your Web site pages will be created and made available to you as a 1.5 meg download (10 minutes on average dialup connection). Additional tools and instruction will be available in the User Login area.

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